Backyard Update

We are almost there. This has been quite the project. We started back in March, I think, pulling up the Junipers and ripping out the rail road ties. It then become a beautifully graded dirt pit that loved to collect moisture from snow and rain and make our crawl space smell bad 🙂 Anyways, last weekend finally allowed for some major steps towards the perfect backyard. We rented a Bobcat (see May 30th for pics) to correctly grade the dirt, we built a wall and steps to the open space (which I love!), and laid sod. Woah – it was a lot of work! I am most definitely a ‘do-it-yourself-er’ but after about day .5 I told Andrew “I would be happy if this was the last time I ever had to lay sod myself” All this hard work and planning and dreaming has gotten us to what you see below. We are now figuring out what to do with the flower bed we created. Another grown up thing I now care about…. plants. I will post more pics when we get everything planted.

When We Got The House

Our Dirt Pit
Ahhh… Getting SomewhereClick on this pic so you can see the wall and steps!

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