Boys and Their Toys

Its unbelievable. We are remodeling (or modeling for that matter) the backyard, which apparently is code for ‘rent the biggest man thing imaginable that has wheels, a motor, and makes loud noise‘. We have been preparing for this project for months by collecting bids, mapping out estimates, pricing materials, saving…. And after all the prep work IT was decided. We would rent a Bobcat and do the work ourselves. I think the decision was made on our back porch one night when several males were drinking beer and talking about manly things. However it came about, we used a Bobcat in our backyard today. Hopefully, it will prove worth the money and time. If nothing else… I am sure the insanely high levels of testosterone in the backyard today will be good for something.

The Bobcat Master Jesse came over to show us how it is really done!

Andrew seemed to pick it up pretty fast… must be a guy thing.


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