Two Year Anniversary

Two years ago marked the day. It was stormy and cool and windy and perfect. Andrew and I tied the knot and we’ve been going nine-to-nothing ever since. I feel like the two year marks the end of the official Newlywed stage and marks the beginning of something deeper. I am not sure what yet, but since traveling along this marriage road for the short time I have, I realize as time goes on we grow closer and learn more and become more unified all the time. It’s amazing to me that I have the capability to love someone more and more and more.

We celebrated the occasion over dinner at Vista Dipping Grill in downtown Denver. Incredible food, wine, and dessert! Andrew went ga-ga over the ceviche, so much so, I have a feeling we might be spending more evenings over the Dipping Grill’s appetizer in the near future. Andrew’s company was the most memorable to me. It’s a blast to reminisce over the past two years and dream about the next several dozen! Andrew surprised my by taking me to the most historic hotel in Denver, The Oxford. I have always wanted to stay there! The hotel was beautiful! They restored it in 1976 (it was build in mid-1800s) and they kept as many original details as they could. It was unlike any hotel I have stayed at, but it did remind me very much of something you would see in Europe. We had breakfast at Dixon’s downtown this morning to finish off the Two Year Anniversary Date. It was a very romantic celebration and I look forward to the many ahead!

Breakfast at Dixon’s in Denver

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