Kids Say The Darndest Things

During our trip to Fort Worth to see Meg, Ben, and the kids we laughed so many times at the hilarious things those kids say. Here are a few we don’t want to forget and/or want to use as embarrassment tools sometime in the future 🙂

Abby as we walk into the house for the first time to meet her new baby brother, Micah

Abby “This is Micah Taylor!”
Summer “Really?! Is he your baby brother? How old is he?”
Abby matter-of-factly “He’s 2 1/2… and I’m 3 1/2”

0 for 2 Abs but thanks for the laugh
Abby is giving me some professional doctor surgery (with Wesley’s tool set) when suddenly she stops and leaves the room. When she comes back, I ask her to finish the surgery. She says, with two baby dolls in her arms, “I just can’t, I have to take care of my babies!” Its amazing I survived with only half a surgery completed.

Wesley to Andrew during play time

Wesley “Uncle Drewbie, have I grown taller since you last saw me?”
Andrew “You sure have”
Wesley “Yeah, I have been stretching a lot”

Wesley proceeds to show us with intensity, limb by limb, how he has been stretching everyday to grow taller. Way to take control of your destiny Wesley Bear.
Wesley explained all the pieces in the game of Chess to Andrew and what they do. Wesley to Andrew while playing chess (yes, he is 4 and plays chess… pretty well too)

Wesley “Drewbie, I sure got you in bind!”

Guess you need to practice before you play this little man again Andrew!
Andrew and Wesley are laying in bed before Wesley goes to sleep.

Andrew “How are those glow in the dark stars stuck to the top of your bed, Wesley?”
Wesley “Oh, they are there with banana pudding”

Later Andrew asks Meg “Meg, what do you call the sticky stuff you hung Wesley’s Star with? ” Meg said “Sticky Tack” ……no clue


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