Fort Worth

I love Fort Worth. It’s gotta be one of the coolest cities. Downtown is clean, full of high rises, great food, great drink, great atmosphere, and hardly any people. I love it. In all the time I have been to downtown, never once have I felt too overwhelmed with people like I do ii most large cities. Anyways, Andrew and I drove to Fort Worth Thursday evening from Dallas to finally meet Micah!

Micah Taylor Arbour was born in February 2009, and we haven’t had the chance to meet him until now. What a little tub! He has the cutest, chubbiest cheeks I’ve ever seen. He is such a good baby! I think he’s constantly entertained with the Wesley and Abby always up to something loud and entertaining so he doesn’t even have time to get fussy. We had a blast playing with all the kids and seeing Meg and Ben!

Joe T Garcias called our name from north Fort Worth so we meet up with Lindsey and Mike to enjoy a Mexican Fiesta one of our favorite joints. …..Why did we take NO pics??? – half your fault Crawfords!

Later that night, we went on a double date with Meg and Ben while sweet Liz watched all three kids (thanks Liz)! Central Market…. ahhh how I miss HEB and all its glory! Central Market in Fort Worth has an incredible outdoor area with live music on the weekends. We grabbed dinner from the store and spent a lovely evening listening to music, catching up, and pretending we would eventually get up and dance!

In all seriousness… this was the only pic I took of yall that wasn’t fuzzy… oooops!

Saturday was a whirl whim tour-de-Fort Worth for us! We started by hanging out with the kids in the AM. We took the kids to the pool with Meg later that morning (total blast!) before heading to Ali and Bobby’s.

Ali and Bobby were surprised we were in town and thanks to Meg we shocked them when we pulled up. We got to catch up for awhile before our next surprise visit. A trip to Fort Worth wouldn’t be complete without stopping by Gary and Donna’s (Andrew’s aunt and uncle) to see what new toy is in the garage. Sure enough… there was something fun for Andrew to play with!

Before our tour de FW ended Saturday, we headed out to Weatherford, TX to see where Erin and Tanner will be living once they tie the knot. (Great little town by the way!)


3 thoughts on “Fort Worth

  1. Love the blog posts! Hate the picture…but anywho. Ya’ll should come to Texas again sooner than later, seeing how ya’ll had SOOO much fun! We love ya’ll and had so much fun with you guys. Glad you could come! -meg


  2. ps: did you seriously not take a picture of Kona and Shadow? They deserve their own blog after all the wrestling they did!


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