Pagosa Springs – Saturday

Hiking day! This was the long awaited day Andrew has been talking about all week. We left early this morning and drove about 24 miles to reach one of the most incredible water falls I have ever seen! Piedra Falls. It was a cool day so when we got close to the falls, it was really cold. The water was so powerful, you could feel it the air a few hundred yards away from the base. We had a blast taking pictures, meeting a few people, and getting cold and wet!

You would think this would be enough hiking for one day, but in typical Andrew fashion we headed to one more destination to check out some raved about ice fissures (cracks in the earth’s surface filled with ice and/or snow)
. Interesting, huh? They look like craters in the floor of the hiking path. When you peer inside, most are filled with ice and snow even though there is no snow anywhere else at that elevation. We got to climb down in one and true to it’s cave-like description because it gets really cold and the air thins out. Andrew and I kept hiking up the mountain and reached a view like no other. We hiked to the top of the ridge and overlooked the Piedra River Valley. With a mountain range to the right and the river bed to the left, this view literally took my breath away. God is good.

Fissure when we climbed down into it and looked up


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