Happy Mother’s Day

I am so thankful for my mamma. It’s funny; the older I get the more I value my relationship with her. The transition from her solely fulfilling the role of mommy, protector, discipliner, and provider to……my best friend has been a thrilling journey. The unexpected realization that seems to surface in your 20s (that moms are humans just like us with dreams, desires, struggles and triumphs) makes our adult relationship a highly valued and sweet necessity in my life. I find that she is the best person to chat with about life. The road I now travel down is a path she knows well because she has been there or in many cases is still there. Marriage, friends, health, work, future, faith, fitness, hard times, good times, raising a dog (haha), and the list goes on. I am so thankful I have her to walk with me through this life. She is a wonderful listener, role model, and friend. Happy Mother’s Day Crazy D! I love you.


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