Royal Arch

It was time for a break. Andrew has consistently been working 6-7 days a week, usually crazy hours on the weekends. So, I pulled the Monthly Date card on him! We have monthly date nights which are intended to be well planned out events for just the two of us. We take turns planning the adventures and this month is my month. It ended up being a whole day instead of a night…..oh well. Shortly after we woke up this morning we hopped on the bikes and rode to City Park in Westminster for breakfast on the City Stairs that overlook the entire front range. Did I mention today we experienced 70 degree cloudless perfect weather?

We did have to interrupt our date day with a little bit of work. I got the town home rented today (YAHOOOOO HALLELUJAH PRAISE JESUS) and Andrew showed some clients property in Denver. Once we finally got back to the May Day Date, we headed to Boulder to hike one of the Front Range’s most famous hikes. The Royal Arch is comparable to something you would see in Utah. This natural phenomenon rises high in the sky and perfectly frames Boulder’s Flatirons facing north and the plains which include Denver facing south. The views are breathtaking from the Arch and it felt so great to get outside and finally start hiking.

Back to work…..


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