New Kitchen!

As some may know, I haven’t had the best of luck picking out paint colors for our house. I love vibrant colors and lots of them. In a home, I really think they personalize and add comfort. My Kitchen/Dinning Room has been the biggest disaster thus far. The soft and warming yellows I originally thought I chose turned out to transform our dining area into a Mexican Cantina. The Cantina is gone now (there are a select few who are sad about that….Jeff) and now I have the warm kitchen I originally envisioned. I even like the white counter tops now! Paint is such an easy fix.

Kitchen When We Moved In (Check Out That 1990s Linoleum…. those are roses in those squares)

Getting There…
(This pictures doesn’t look that bad but trust me… it was YELLOW)

New Kitchen!

Come on over and I will fix you a Mexican Feast in my newly transformed Cantina!


One thought on “New Kitchen!

  1. Huge difference! Love the track lighting, totally helps with the warm, “glowy” feeling. How AWESOME do the wood floors look!?



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