What a blessing it was to get spend this last weekend in Houston! Mom and Dad helped fly us down to hang out in the heat. We spent our trip with all the things we love…. family, golf, spa days, work outs, friends, pool time, Wii, The Masters, Skippo, lovely dinners, good drinks, and lots of laughing. Gosh, there are so many things we miss about Texas and it is such a joy to get home for a weekend. After our plane finally got in Thursday night (delayed of course) Tanner picked us up and we drove to Katy. I couldn’t believe that my parent had stayed up as late as they did to see us! Friday was a blast. The boys played golf while mom and I worked out (killer work out initiated by Crazy D herself) and then hit the spa! Cinco Ranch has a lovely spa that we had never been to before. I got a message and mamma had a facial. This got us all ready for dinner at Perry’s. Oh wow, after a month of our vegetarian kick it sure was fitting to eat the most incredible Filet in Katy, topped with buttery goodness. Oh wow. I think Andrew died and went to Heaven before it was all over. After dinner we went out with Wesley in Houston to try to meet his girlfriend and just catch up. Although he lost his phone and we didn’t really get to meet his girlfriend, it was still SO good to see him.

The next morning we hit the road and drove to Pearland. Noelle was in town! (Can’t you see why I love going back to Texas…..) Noelle’s boyfriend is from Lake Jackson and it was high time we met him so we had brunch at Kelley’s Country Kitchen in Pearland. It was a joy to get to know him. He’s a super cool guy and she’s a super cool girl… seems like a good match to me 🙂 And, aren’t they cute together?
On the way home we stopped in Sugarland to spend some time with my birth dad, Marc and his wife, Peggy. They are so hilarious and we love hanging out with them. We met at Baker St. in Old Town Square for some beer and laughs. Hopefully, they are coming up to Colorado next Fall so we can spend more time with them. Love yall!

And finally, Easter! Mom did in fact send her 22 year son, 25 year daughter and son-in-law on an Easter Egg Hunt. It was a blast! I discovered my husband is an Easter Egg Hunting cheater AND I still get really competitive about finding the most plastic colored eggs. My only question is, how is Tanner still so good at hunting eggs after all these years? He always wins…….

Thanks mom for that fun idea, you always make holidays special!

All in all is was an amazing weekend. I am so tired and after recapping all that we did…. I realize why! We sure seem to pack a lot into a small amount of time! Thanks to Jesus for sacrificing your life and giving us ours. The friends, family, and joy in mine is something I will never cease to be thankful for.


One thought on “Easter

  1. Love all the pictures! Your mom looks great, love her hair! Noelle and her boyfriend look so happy. You look so precious in the Easter basket picture! Wish I could have seen you on this Texas trip, but I guess we’ll just have to get you down here again! Hmmm… what occasion would that be?



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