6th Day of Spring 2009

Denver got record amounts of snow Thursday. Absolutely insane. I haven’t seen this much snow in the city since we moved here. The weather people were freaking-out a few days ago which hardly got my attention because they are consistently incorrect in their outrageous weather forecasts. Denver has over 300 days of sunny weather so I do feel a tad sorry for them, having nothing to report most of the time. BUT they are often predicting crazy snow storms to get people all worried…..low and behold its normally 50 and sunny. This time however… i tip my hat. There is about 14″ of powder on my back deck. Denver reminded me a little of Texas on an ice day. Business shut down early, kids didn’t go to school, and roads were closed. I haven’t seen Denver react like this before.

Andrew and I took the day off today and went to Vail late Wednesday night, before the storm blew into Denver. Vail got the same winter storm before Denver did and thus provided knee deep powder for me to play in. I had never skied in snow this deep and fresh so it was a rather challenging day for me. According to Andrew, most of my day was spent going really slow, screaming a lot with my pole in the air and falling. I had a blast and somehow I am really sore today. It was so fun to be up there with all the die-hard skiers in this condition. When we got to lifts Thursday morning, we couldn’t even see 10 feet in front of us because the snow was blowing so hard. Once we made it up the gondola it was hoops and hollers from everyone dropping in the 40″ of fresh snow. A fun sound to hear and a fun day to have…

Back to work I guess.


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