What’s In My Crawl Space?

Sunday evening Jeff stopped by after church to say hello and convince us to take a 2 hour bike ride with him when in fact we, had LOADS of overdue chores to get done. Andrew, not even listening to Jeff’s propaganda, went down to the crawl space in the basement to fix a leaky facet. A few moments later he comes racing up the stairs, hyperventilating, falls into the fetal position and starts sucking his thumb. Jeff and I are folded over laughing by now as we barely make out the words “snake…..snakes….a shit ton of snakes……”.

Andrew is deathly afraid of snakes.

He briefly reenacts what he just experienced because… he still couldn’t speak in complete sentences.


After the show, Jeff heads to the basement with Andrew. They grab a flashlight and a piece of firewood. Jeff, in his flip flops, gets into the crawl space and lifts the tarp where Andrew was trying to fix the facet. Sure enough…… A ‘heap’ of snakes were curled up together. Jeff’s eyes light up at this point…. he loves every second of this snake hunting adventure.

So here I am, at the entrance of the crawl space – calming Andrew down on one side of the door and screaming to Jeff “Yes! Of course you are Indiana Jones – Keep it up!” In all honesty after about 45 min I got kinda bored of and went to play the piano. Apparently, they (Jeff) caught 41 snakes! I realize this number should have completely freaked out, I should have called a professional to come out or simply moved out the house as some have suggested. But I was actually calm with the thought “they’re gone.”

The adventure could stop here as I thought it should, but Jeff in all his glory took his snake hunt one step further. He called the news. He called ALL the news stations, radio stations, and papers in Denver. From this story, he has gotten calls from NBC Headquarters in CA, radio stations, friends, family, and who know what else! The links are below and I will post more as they are sure to come.

Channel 7 News

Channel 9 News
Denver Post
98.5 KYGO

I hope you pick up on Jeff throwing Andrew ‘under the bus’. Since we are choosing to remain anonymous (don’t want the neighbors freaking out on us), Jeff is having a heyday with Andrew’s fear. It’s been a blast listening to all this and watching Jeff’s 15 Minutes of Fame. Simply amazing.

I just really hope there are no more snakes in the craw space.


One thought on “What’s In My Crawl Space?

  1. You play piano??? (That was the main point I got out of this exciting story.) I want to take lessons. We are soul mates.Erin


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