Pierced Ears

Well she’s five and I knew it could be time but I wasn’t pressing the issue. Then Aunt Meggie comes into town and put a little bug in Reese’s  ear. Next thing I know we’re at Claire’s with my sweet little girl sitting in the chair and get her ears pierced. I know it’s just ear piercing but I felt like five years was flashing before my eyes. Can’t believe she’s grown up enough to ask for and understand that it’s time for her to get her ears pierced. Her cousin Abby and Meg and I were all there. It was a highly emotional moment but I’m so glad that this memory is now locked away in time between us. She thinks she is so cool and grown-up now that she has her ears pierced and as hard as it is for me to admit, she’s right.

Celebratory Ice Cream


Beaver Creek 

My sister-in-law’s in-laws have a home in Avon Colorado. My sister-in-law, her husband and their 4 kids travel up there every winter to hang out with Grand Candy and Papa Jim. Their house and the location and their hospitality is amazing. Somehow we snagged an invite and had an incredible 24 hours with the extended family. We got to spend a day skiing arrowhead with my niece and nephews followed by a lovely dinner and watching kidsroll around  in the snow in their bathing suits! It was such a joy to be in the mountains with these incredible people.


We took Nix up for the first time to get on his skis. He was so ecstatic to go up with us. He’s only two so doesn’t have the muscle strength to accomplish much but it was incredibly fun to see him so excited to ski. I hope and pray he keeps this passion for the sport



After Beavercreek everybody came back to Denver to hang out for a few days. We let the kids run free and watched as my two oldest gave it everything they got to keep up with their 4 older cousins. It’s such a joy and blessing that my kids have cousins. They have such a blast with them and I am so enjoying watching my three nephews and niece grow up. They are incredible influence is on my kids and I love them so much! 

Toddler Talk

Christmas Morning I wake up and go jump on Nixon’s bed…

S:  Nixon!  Merry Christmas!  It’s Christmas!

N:  I know.

S:  Do you remember what happens today?

N:  pure excitement in his eyes        Yes!  I get GGGGUUUUUUUMMMMMMMM!

Andrew and Reese were driving….

 A:  Tomorrow is Pancake Saturday!  Hey how many pancakes can you eat?
R:  It Is?!?!  

A:  Yeah. How many pancakes do you think you can eat?


A:  Reese?  You back there?

R:  Yes.

A:  How many pancakes can you eat?

R:  I’m counting!

Andrew turns around to look at her and she’s holding her hands in the shape of a circle while ‘stamping’ that circle up from her neck, down to her tummy, down to each leg and then back up again.

R:  16! 

A:  16? How do you know?

R:  That’s how many will fit! 


I walked into the room not seeing Nixon was crouched down in between two couches 

N: Actually mom! I DID NOT pee my pants!! 

S: ???? Ummmm Ok well then come out from between the couches then 

N:  Comes out in Pee soaked pants


My nephew Noah was sitting at the dinner table with all 10 of us and in the middle of a family conversation jolts his head up and says:

Noah:  Hey!  Wouldn’t it be cool if the world was made of tic-tacs?!?!?  


Snow day

This year has been of noxious Lee light in the snow department. Weve hardly had any cold days let alone snowy days. This storm was under-predicted in the best of ways. We woke up to powdery sparkly snow. All school and work was canceled so we stayed home and cuddle with the babies and played in the snow. It was glorious! 


7 Months

This month has been a little rough for sweet Ty.  He caught the stomach bug and has taken quite a while to get better.  Poor baby has been a pile of snuggles for about a week and half.  It’s been heart breaking to see him so sad and sick.  I haven’t had a baby get this sick ever and there were a few days I got really worried, which doesn’t happen easily.  He did loose almost a pound during the whole ordeal so we are working hard to get him back up to weight.  The good news is, he is back.  Ty-Ty the smiley guy is back and I couldn’t be more thankful for a healthy happy baby.  Thank you Jesus!

We took him to his 6 months doctors appointment and he’s a skinny tall dude.  Low percentile for weight and head and 85th for height.  He’s got the Anderson genes for sure.

The past month the car rides have gotten SO MUCH BETTER.  It’s now normal to hear him coo and squeal and giggle in the car instead of screaming.  It’s so wonderful and we do not take it for granted.  Taking Ty out in public is really fun.  He is doing so well being out and about, loves sitting in the shopping cart flirting with anyone who will pay attention to him.  He’s been crushing whole foods and expanded his pallet a little.  We’re still nursing several times a day.

Ty is working on crawling.  He’ll get up on all fours and rock back and forth before jolting himself forward for the face smash.  He wants to play with his bro and sis so bad so I don’t think it will be too much longer.  He does this funny thing:  he throws his head back when he wants something.  We can’t quite figure out what he’s saying but I think it means hungry or tired.  Funny way to communicate. 

His sleeping has been all over the board since he slept for a week straight when he was sick and now he’s not really taking naps after sleeping so much!  He sleeps 12-13 hours at night and that makes mommy super happy.  We are loving watching his sweet little personality come out and SO THANKFUL he’s feeling back to normal.  Love you TyTy.

Christmas Day 2016  Ashamedly it took an incredible Christmas Eve sermon to re-center my mind this holiday weekend and remind me that it’s all because a little baby was born who changed the world.  Of course, I know this but with the hustle and bustle it’s SO easy to let slip to the side.  So, first and foremost a very happy birthday to Jesus.  I am so thankful he was born and came to save anyone who believes in him.

In a thankful spirit we celebrated hard core today with battery powered cars, stockings, breakfast, (lots of) coffee, music, cooking, laughs (mostly at Nix) and skiing in the backyard!   Today was one for the record books and a HUGE thank you to all parties responsible for spoiling the crap out of my kids.  They had a blast and have so much fun ahead of them.    The evening started to wind down with a yummy ham dinner and memories of Bobby (Andrew’s grandpa who passed 2 years ago today).  Thankful today for family and faith and the littles.

Denver Family Photographer

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